Thursday Night Class, August 20, 2015

Workout for the evening

Prayer / Meditation
Opening Salute
– Loosen waist and hip muscles (Sei Ping Ma to Ding Ji Ma)
– Kwa Saus (both sides)
– Poon Kius / Hiu Sius
– Cham Kius
– Leg Stretches
– Push Ups (10 each – Regular, Wide, Narrow; 5 each – Knuckles, Wrists, Fingertips)
Punching / Kicking Drills
– Front Snap Kicks (10s/10f Front leg, Back leg – both sides)
– Cross Kicks (10s/10f – both legs)
– Kwon Kiu Kwa Chops (5s/10f – both sides)
Review / New Sets
– Ng Lun Ma (3x) to Duk Lup Ma
– Up Down Kwa Chop
– Poon Kiu Sau Kwa Chop
– Lung Jen 1 & 2 review
Standing Meditation
Closing Salute

Students, keep on practicing what we’ve gone over until next class.


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