Thursday Night Class, 9/3/2015

Workout for the evening

Prayer / Meditation
Opening Salute
– Loosen waist and hip muscles (Sei Ping Ma to Ding Ji Ma)
– Kwa Saus (both sides)
– Poon Kius / Hiu Sius
– Cham Kius
– Leg Stretches
– Push Ups (10 each – Regular, Wide, Narrow; 5 each – Knuckles, Wrists, Fingertips)
– 10 each, Tuck Crunches, Hollow Rocks, Feet together
Punching / Kicking Drills
– Front Snap Kicks (10s/10f Front leg, Back leg – both sides)
– Kwon Kiu Kwa Chops (5s/10f – both sides)
– Lin Wan Chop (10s/10f – both sides)
Review / New Sets
– Ng Lun Ma (3x)
– Basic 5 (first 3 moves to poon kiu sau)
Standing Meditation
Closing Salute

Worked out with my student this evening. My right knee still hurts, but had to go through my workout, especially through Ng Lun Ma.  And I did had us go through it relatively slow.  Student expressed that it was his favorite set.  He has seen nothing yet.


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