9/24/2015 Class workout

Opening Salute
– Arms, Shoulders, Waist (core) and Legs
– (Today we skipped and moved to next workout to spend more time working on specific things)
Punch/Kick Workout
– 10s + 10f both sides, Kwon Kiu Kwa Chop, Lin Wan Chop
– 10s + 10f both sides, Front Snap Kick, front and rear leg
– 10s + 10f, Basic 5 set, up to first Sau
– 20s, Basic 5 set, elephant trunk to pau jong.
Closing Salute

This evening I decided to have my student focus on going slow through the kicking workout to help him with his balance, strength and coordination.  It also helps his mind to focus and be aware of his body positioning.  Also worked on dropping further on horse stances.

I did some of the workout too, but the injury to my knee still prevents me from doing impact and heavy rotation movements.


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