Controlling emotions during combat or melee, physically or mentally.

One of the things we all need to learn is to control during combat, physically or mentally, is our anger or negative emotion.  Negative emotion tends to block creative flow of thoughts that help find a path out of harm’s way.  The mind needs to be unrestricted; free to create, free to seek the best path to take.

I know, it’s tough to do. But, that’s why we practice through sitting, standing or moving meditation.  Your mind needs to be clear of negative thought and focused on the way out or on the “path to freedom”. (Can you hear Master Yoda talking about the Dark Side?)

Have you ever had to do public speaking? Have you ever seen someone or been told to take deep breaths before having to speak in front of many people?  It’s the same thing in martial arts.  I tell my students at the end of practice as we move toward the close of class to line up and “calm the breath, and calm the mind”.  I tell them to breathe deep and repeat within themselves to calm the breath and calm the mind.

So, in the middle of chaos….”calm the breath and calm the mind”.

Have an excellent day.


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