Workout of the Day

Since June of 2015, I was not able to do a full workout due to pain in my right knee.  I have no idea why there was pain.  I went and got x-rays and an MRI, and the nothing seems to be wrong.  The only thing I can think of is a nerve got in-between the joints, but who knows for sure.

I’ve been testing the knee and stretching for months, more so the last few days because I really miss running.  I miss working out. I’ve been losing muscle, but gaining fat…which has been my concern since not being able to exercise.  So, I decided to push to see how much pain I can take.  I took my dog, Jedi out for a walk / run for the first time in months.  He was extremely happy.  We did 1.3 miles according to RunKeeper.  We did spurts of running and walking along the way.  The real test was the 1/4 mile hill. We made it to the top and then another 1/4 mile home.

There was no knee pain during the run, and currently I’m not experiencing any inflammation in the joints or muscles surrounding the knee.  But, there is pain when I bend and twist the right knee.  There is absolutely no pain on my left knee.  I need to know if I can perform kung fu movements without having to go through extreme pain. I will be testing that in a few days.


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