WOD 2017.0118

Kung Fu Workout

Warm Up
– Twist waist (loosening the waist)
– Double Kwa Sau (both sides)
– Pau Jong (both sides)
– Cham Kiu

Leg Stretches
– Hamstrings, Quads, Groin (both sides)

Punch / Kick Drills
– Pau Jongs / Din Ji Ma (10 slow/10 medium/10 fast)
– Wong Saus / Din Ji Ma (10 slow/10 medium/10 fast)
– 10x Round House (both sides)
– 10x Back Thrusts (both sides)

Workout / Review
– 10x slow, 10x fast – Basic 7
– 10x slow, 10x fast – 7 Block Punch

Meditation (calm the breath, calm the mind)

Time: 50m:02s
Calories Burned: 708 (according to  RunKeeper)

This morning was a bit chilly, but we have some blue skies.  The weatherman says it’s going to rain for several days here in San Diego.  I figured I better get a workout in before it happens.

Knees are feeling good.  They were a little stiff yesterday and this morning.  Some twinges, but not enough to prevent me from this workout.

I did a short video on part of the workout for you.  Enjoy.

Basic 7 & 7 Blk Punch

Post Nutrition: Atkins Creamy Milk Chocolate Shake
Weight: 220


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