Back Pain

I’ve been set back a week in my workouts.  I am experiencing lower back pain after my last workout, which was 10 rounds of 3 sets of power cleans.  I just figured it was muscular aches due to the workout because I was also feeling aches in my shoulder/neck muscles.  But, after the aches subsided in the shoulders/neck, they didn’t for my lower back.  As a matter of fact, it hurt just to lift my left leg.  (And I thought I was taking it easy on my workout?)  I took ibuprofen and scheduled myself to see my chiropractor.

My chiropractor and I have been friends for over 20 years (man…time flies). He used to be Mr. San Diego…many years ago when he was competing in bodybuilding, so talking about muscle pains, lower back pains and working out with weights is something he knows plenty about.

After sometime under the electric stimulation, myofascial massage of the affected area, and finally my adjustments to the lower back and neck, I am NOT ready to go yet.  I need to take it easy for a few days and ice the lower back before starting up again.

Maybe I need to do some Chi Kung (Qigong) or Tai Chi (Taiji) to get my workout in without hurting myself?


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