WOD.KF 2017.0208

Kung Fu Workout

Warm Up / Stretching
2 rounds
10x Da Bok (waist twisting) to left Din Ji Ma
10x Da Box to right Din Ji Ma

10x (4 count) Double Kwa Sau – both sides
10x Pau Jong – both arms
10x Chum Kius

Leg stretches (groin, inner thighs, hamstrings, quads)

Strength Building
5 each – Push Ups  [Regular, Wide, Narrow, Knuckles, Wrists, Fingers]
10 each – Sit up / Ab workout
– Hip Thrusts
– Tuck Crunch
– Leg Lifts (0 to 45)
– Leg Lifts (0 to 90) + Hip Thrust
– Leg Lifts (0 to 90 to 45) + Open/Close, down

Punch / Kick Drills
3 Rounds [1 round = (alternate right arm/right side forward to left arm/left side forward)]
10x each – straight jabs / Au Sau / Yu Kune

4 count – Cheung Ng Choy
10x left side forward
10x right side forward

4 count – Trade Punch
10x left side forward
10x right side forward

Front Snap, Side Thrust
10x left leg/left side forward
10x right leg/right side forward

Rank Workout
Green Sash (10x slow / 10x fast each)
– Chum Kiu Kam Kem
– Chum Kiu Kam Kem with elbow counter
– Leung Jen Double Pau
– Leung Jen 3, Side Thrust

Meditation (3 count breathing)
“Calm the Breath, Calm the Mind”

It was warming up this morning, and was a great time to workout.  My knees don’t seem to be giving me a problem, however I did notice I was still favoring my left knee.

Today’s punching drills were speed drills.  I’m not as fast as I used to be.  I think it’s just a matter of training and working off the “rust”.  The kicking drills were slow and had me favoring my left knee, although there was no pain.

I had forgotten about the Chum Kiu Kam Kem sets and they were not on my training list for some reason.  I found them last night while reviewing a DVD of Green Sash sets.  The elbow counter was still awkward after the elbow block.  I found a long enough pipe to simulate the arm, and worked on the movement to see how it worked.  I had no problems with the Leung Jen movements.

The workout had me huffing and puffing by the end.  Making the transition from an active mind to a calm mind, I sat and started my breathing exercises to calm the breath and calm the mind.

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