WOD.KF 2017.0211 – Shake the rust off.

Warm up / Stretches
10x Da Bok / Din Ji Ma (both sides)
10x Single Kwa Sau (2 counts) (both arms)
10x Double Kwa Sau (4 counts) (both arms)
10x Standing Pau Jong (2 counts) (both arms)
5x Chum Kiu
Squat / Bounce (knees) 30 secs
Din Ji Ma Stretch (Hi, Mid, Low, Toes up, Ground) both sides
Feet together (sit up straight / bend forward – force knees to ground)

Strength Building
Push ups (5 each) – Regular, Wide, Diamonds, Knuckles, Wrists, Fingers
10x Iron Cross
10x Scorpion

Punch / Kick Drills
10x slow/ 10x fast – Pak Sau Chop
10x slow / 10x fast – Nap Sau Kwa
10x Tho Geuk (both legs)
10x Reverse Crescent (both legs)

Rank Workout (Green Sash)
10x slow / 10x fast La Siu Tho Geuk 1 – Take Down
10x slow / 10x fast La Siu Tho Geuk 2 – Elbow Strike


This week was tough to get a workout in, and I was expecting rain early yesterday.  Instead, it came late in the night to early morning.  By noon, the rain went away and I was able to get a late afternoon workout.  At first, I was going to take it easy and not workout because tomorrow I had planned on attending my teacher’s (Sifu’s) class, and I did not want to tire myself out or get hurt to where I cannot attend.  Then, I received a call from my Sifu, Frank Primicias who told me that Mike Geldert (my kung fu brother also with the rank of Sifu) got hurt prepping for tomorrow’s class.  Sifu Primicias or Sigung (Grandmaster) wanted me to come with Mike so I have a partner to train with.  And, since Mike cannot make it tomorrow, I should wait two weeks when Mike is feeling better.  So now, I did not have to worry about resting for tomorrow’s class.  This will give me an opportunity to strengthen myself and shake the rust off.

During the stretching, the muscle between the left calf and my left heel became painful.  I have not done anything yet and I’m already hurt? What the hell?  On the pain scale it was a 7, maybe 8.  I stopped stretching, stood up and shook my legs.  The pain dissipated and I was able to continue the workout.

I did La Siu Tho Geuk 1 and 2.  I cut the workout short, because I felt my lower back adjusting during the spinning movement of La Siu Tho Geuk 1, and thought I better not overdo it.  Next workout I will do numbers 3 to 7.

Knees are feeling good. No pain.  The test will be when I do the Horse Set.


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