WOD.CF 2017.0212 – Stick a Fork in me, I’m done.

Crossfit Workout

Warm Up
– Burgener Warm Up
– Stretch Hamstrings
– 10x back extensions

– Fran [AMRAP 10 minutes] 95#M / 65#W
21-15-9 Thrusters / Pull Ups

My workout – 55#  2/3 round (21-15-0) Thrusters / Pull Ups (M)

Geez….I’m weak.  I remembered my coach from a few years back telling me to be honest with myself when putting up the weight for the prescribed exercise.  The bar is 45# and I thought adding 10# would be no problem.  I even tested the weight.  But after starting the timer and after 5 thrusters, I knew I had my work cutout for me.  My knees were doing good.  I had to put down the bar at #10, took a rest for about 30 secs, then finished off the last 11 for 21.  Oops….I need to do 21 pull ups now.  I modified the exercise to jumping pull ups.  I know my lats and back aren’t strong enough to pull my full body weight, and after 5 pull ups my hands and arms were screaming.  I had to break at #10, then pulled out another 5 after a 30 sec rest, then another 6 for 21.

Oh…I still have to do 15 Thrusters.  I felt my left hamstrings seizing up, so I put the bar down at #10 to rest and stretch my leg, then pushed out the last 5 after a 30 second rest.  I checked the time after I finished to see if I have time to complete pull ups.  45 seconds left.  I completed 15 (M) pull ups before the 10 minutes were up.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Post workout – I made a bowl of grapes, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and pecans.  And, had a bottle of water to wash it all down.  Damn good after the workout.

And, I just learned that Fran isn’t an AMRAP (As Many Rounds Possible).  It’s actually a timed workout.  So what I should have done is completed the full workout and record the time I finished.  Oops.  Ok…so next Fran WOD I’ll have it down.



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