WOD.KF 2017.0213 – Move it!

Warm / Stretches
Arms – 10x Kwa Sau (2 ct.), Double Kwa Sau (4 ct.), Pau Jong (2 ct.), Chum Kiu (both arms)
Legs – Din Ji Ma (Hi, Mid, Lo) (both sides)

Rank Workout – Green Sash
10x slow / 10x fast – La Siu Tho Geuk 3
10x slow / 10x fast – La Siu Tho Geuk 4
10x slow / 10x fast – La Siu Tho Geuk 5

La Siu Tho Geuk is a group of seven sets in the Green Sash level.  I wanted to go over a few of the sets to loosen up my leg muscles (quads & hams) and buttocks.  Yesterday, I did thrusters and my muscles are tight.  I figured some movement and kicks should help loosen them up.

Speaking of movement, I’m getting stronger and I see my body going through some changes, which got me thinking about people who aren’t moving or getting any type of exercise, and are just gaining weight.  And, I understand that some cannot exercise due to pain.  I went through that the last several years where my knees were painful when I did any kind of athletic movement (i.e. jumping, running, walking, etc.).  I started gaining weight.  And, I was gaining weight even when I reduced carbs or even consumption.  I tried Medifast, and it works.  I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks.  I went from 215 lbs to 195 lbs, no exercise.  But, I just could not continue eating the “food”.  If I was a choice between a juicy steak and a chocolate bar at 100 calories, or a shake at 100 calories…the steak won every time.  I found myself back to 215 lbs.

The pain in my knees went away.  Prior to that,  I had them x-rayed and got an MRI, and found no problems.  No arthritis, no damage to the meniscus, no tears or damage to any ligaments or any other part of the knee.  The only thing I can think of is a nerve worked it’s way in-between the joints and every time I moved for a certain period of time I would have to sit down to rest my knees.  I stretched my legs and the muscles around the knees for approximately 2 years.  It was painful.

Today I am grateful there is no pain, and I’m taking advantage of it.  I started doing my kung fu sets slowly and lightly, so I don’t re-hurt my knees. Now, I am able to do more sets much faster and lots of leg twisting, bending and kicking.  And, yesterday I started doing thrusters which requires deep knee bends and thrusting upward while pushing weight above your head.  I was a little concerned, but currently am not experiencing any pain.

Just some advice for you who are currently “sedentary”.  If you can move…do it.  If it’s just walking, that’s good.  Go for a 5 min walk, then start building up to longer walks, but just get moving.  You’ll feel much better. As far as food goes, I’ve been eating more fruits, nuts and veggies…and drinking more water.  I’ll take in a protein shake after a workout to help rebuild the muscles, and I’m still eating steak…when I can afford it.

In the cartoon movie, “Madagascar”, there is a song King Julien (the lemur) sang….
I like to move it, move it.  I like to move it, move it.
I like to move it, move it. You like to…Move It!


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