WOD.KF 2017.0221 – Tiger Claw

400m Run

2nd Green workout
10x Basic 8
10x Secondary 8
10x Fu Jau Kwa Pau

5x Siu Mui Fa Kune
5x Back Sweep Defense

I wanted to test my knees, so I did a 400m run.  It was more of a run / walk.  I ran for 200m, walked for 100m and finished up the last 100m with a run.  Prior to the run, I stretched my leg muscles and did a few air squats to warm them up a bit.  Result, left knee is stressing pain, and left calf muscle a bit tight and experiencing pain too.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say about a 2 on the knee, and a 3 on the calf.  I stretched them out again and proceeded to my kung fu workout.

I started from the bottom of the list of 2nd Green, and found myself not remembering the sets.  I tried going through what I remembered and hoped that muscle memory would eventually take over, but to no avail.  So, I started at the top of the list.  No problem remembering those sets.  As I am going through these particular sets, I rediscovered why they are some of my favorites (no wonder I remembered them easily).  They are very quick, powerful and effective.  Fu Jau means “Tiger Claw”.  The tiger represents strength and power, and whenever doing a tiger set or tiger movements, the practitioner should be in an attacking mindset….much like a tiger attacking it’s prey.

Siu Mui Fa is a long set in this rank, but overall not long at all.  It has several tiger movements and is a fun set.

Back Sweep Defense involves a lot of knee bending, and my knees weren’t having any of it, especially my left knee.  So, I cut the workout short to start recovery.


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