WOD.CF 2017.0223- Elizabeth

Crossfit WOD

Elizabeth (21-15-9 for time)
Cleans 135# (M-65#) CrossFit Clean
Ring Dips (M – Regular Dips) CrossFit Ring Dip

Time: 13m 05s

Deadlifts 5×3 @ 85# Completed

Total workout time: 23m 02s

I just bought a pair of Rogue Bumper Plates at 10lbs each.  I didn’t have plates with large diameters to be able to do a proper dead lift, which is the reason why I got them, and it was cheaper than buying a whole set at once.

I wanted to test them and doing the Elizabeth WOD was an opportunity to do cleans. The bar is 45# (45lbs) plus 2x 10# plates is 65#.  Even at 65#, it is definitely a workout.  That just means I’m still weak and need to get stronger…haha.

For those of you who did not understand the Elizabeth WOD (Workout of the Day), you do 21 cleans and 21 ring dips, then 15 cleans and 15 ring dips, and lastly 9 cleans and 9 ring dips.  I also wanted to add an Olympic weightlifting element into the workout, so after Elizabeth I did 5 sets of 3 dead lifts at 85#.

Make sure when doing your deadlifts you are using your legs and not your lower back when lifting.  Proper form is the key.  Although you are using muscles in the lower back, the glutes and legs are the key muscles working.

Post nutrition: 16oz Muscle Milk.


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