2017.0610 No more pain?

My last entry was 3 months ago, and I was complaining about pain in my left knee.  I know it wasn’t joint pain.  As an athlete, sometime in your life you will experience joint pain, and this wasn’t.

I haven’t been active in exercise as much because of this pain.  I’ve done squats, which doesn’t seem to bother the knee going down.  But, pushing up was always painful.  Just doing regular push ups, although I was able to, there was pain in the left knee.  Since I could not run, I would walk.  So, I’d walk the dog for about 1.3 miles up and down hills, and along the way my knee would hurt along with my lower back. I’d have to stop a few times and wait for the pain to dissipate.  Usually, after 1-mile, the pain in the knee would disappear.  This told me that the muscles and tendons in the area needed to warm up before the pain goes away, so it cannot be the joint.

Everyday and every night before going to bed, I would stretch my legs and knees, just like I did when my right knee was giving me problems.  That pain went away all together.  I had X-Rays and and MRI on the right knee and all was normal.  The doctor could not see anything wrong.  No tears, no nothing.  Same thing on the left knee.  So what the hell is causing the pain?!

The pain in my knees have prevented me from exercising.  I stopped training for triathlon, I stopped teaching and training kung fu, and I stopped doing CrossFit with Coach Tony (former Navy Seal, former Chula Vista Police Officer).  These past few years of not doing any of it has allowed my to gain weight. I’m at 220lbs.  That’s not good for a 5’6″, mesomorph frame.

A few nights ago (Thursday) after giving my real estate presentation, I was struggling to walk. Not only my knee, but my ankle and lower back was in pain.  The pain was much more than usual.  Myself and one of my business partners (Candelario) went to Chili’s Grill & Bar after the meeting to discuss a real estate deal that was presented to our team.  He asked if I twisted my ankle because I was having a hard time walking.  I told him the whole story about why I’m in this condition.  Also, there may have been some gout involved, although I could not think of what I may have eaten to cause the gout.  It didn’t matter, I had baby back ribs and smoked jalapeno & cheddar sausages anyway.  If I was having a gout attack, I would be in trouble the following day. I distinctly remember telling Cande that I miss running, I miss drinking beer, I miss working out in general.  Later at home and just before going to bed, I went through my stretch routines.

No gout the following day, but knee pain still there.  If I walked across the street or across the parking lot at a quick pace I would hobble because any pressure caused pain.  I’d see people running along the road and think I may never do that again, so I need to figure a way to lose weight and get some exercise.  But, I don’t want to not be able to eat the foods I love.

On Facebook, I come across a company called MetPro that shows me older folks (like me) going from fat to physically fit in several months by going through their program.  I thought I’d inquire and find out the cost.  I set up a “consultation”.  I suspect the program is going to cost thousands of dollars, but I wanted to get information anyway.  I head out to do the business for the day and had several meetings, and limped around all day.  But, by the end of the day, while during my stretch routine…..there was no pain.  I must be dreaming.  Yup….no pain.  Okay, so maybe there is no pain now, but by the time I wake up in the morning there will be pain.

When I got up this morning, there was some pain but not like before.  I was just about to go on my way to pick up my wife from work and I noticed as I took the staircase down one step at a time, there was no pain.  I had been taking the stairs one step at a time for a few years and it was automatic for me to put two feet on the next step before taking the next.

Later in the morning, I went to pick up lunch and found myself having to hurry across the street.  Instead of hobbling, I did a short jog with no pain.  I am going to take it easy on the knees for the next few days (i.e.  I’m not going to run a mile).  I want to see if the pain stays away before doing any kind of workout that requires knee bending.  Wish me luck.


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