The Camp – Day 1, Monday 9/11

Today is the first day of my program.  I am to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks.  I need to check-in on Facebook every time I workout and tag the Director and Asst. Director, and I need to workout at least 5 times during the week. As of today, I weigh 220 pounds.

Today was upper body workout, however I’ve forgotten what we’ve done.  By the time I got around to thinking I should record these sessions it was late at night and I was too tired to think.  There was a warm up that was intense, and a workout more intense.  They do a H.I.I T. program (High-Intensity Interval Training).


Nutrition –

I am limited to certain foods, but it’s real food.  I need to have a protein (about the size of my open hand), carbs (enough to fit my cupped hand), and as many veggies as I want.  But, here is what I’m limited to:

Proteins (6 ounces)
– Egg Whites
– Chicken Breast
– Turkey Breast
– 1% Lean Ground Turkey (I think they meant 99% Lean, but all I can find is 97% Lean)
– Tilapia, Mahi Mahi, Cod
– Tuna, as long as it’s canned in water or it’s fresh.

Carbs (3 ounces)
– Rolled or Steel Cut Oats
– Quinoa
– Brown Rice
– Yams
– Sweet Potato

Veggies (Unlimited)
– Broccoli
– Asparagus
– Brussel Sprouts
– Spinach
– Kale
– Celery

Water – I need to drink 1 gallon of water a day.  That equates to 8 – 16 fluid ounces of water or 8 bottles a day.


Published by: Llew Quinol

Llew is a real estate investor and a Realtor in San Diego County. Llew is also holds the rank of Black Sash and teaches Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu in the Chula Vista area. He has been teaching since 1995.

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